Thursday, March 10, 2011

Featured Vendor: Latasha Haynes Photography

Welcome to the first edition of the latest feature on the Paisley Petals Blog: Featured Vendors! There are a lot of AMAZING wedding vendors out there. There are also a few who are... well... not so amazing. I thought it would be fun to feature a few of my personal favorites here to help some of my brides who are still searching for their perfect vendor.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Latasha Haynes Photography. They are fairly new to the wedding photography scene, but their passion for their work is unmatched. I always tell my brides that it is important to like your photographer- not only their work, but also like them on a personal level. They are going to be up in your business ALL DAY LONG, so it's important that you enjoy having them around! If you're still looking for a photographer, do yourself a favor and consider LHP!

I did an email interview with Latasha last week... here is what she had to say:

1. How would you describe LHP?
We are a fusion team, east meets west, boy meets girl. He supports (HER) and she loves Him. In (AN) effort to maximize their God (God-given) gifts, he took to reading, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", "Richest Man in Babylon", "The Richest Man Who Ever Lived"... Robert Kiyosaki told (HIM) to "mind their business" (SO) he started trading stocks, she started shooting, people that is, with a camera. As she grew, he grew and (...TOGETHER THEY MAKE UP THE TEAM THAT IS) Latasha Haynes Photography! We specialize in sassy, bold, edgy and urban lifestyle portraiture. We love candid moments, love moments, life moments and we love being (THERE) to witness (THEM).

2. Why do you LOVE what you do?
We get to create memories, a legacy and a heirloom: something that is going to tell a story for years to to come. While doing this-we meet the best families/seniors/couples and children, who become our friends, where relationships are created and its amazing. We have the best clients and I am thankful because many of them become great friends and a huge part of our lives moving forward.

3. What is your #1 piece of advice for engaged couples?
Get to know your photographer, both their work, what people say about them and decide if you you can be friends with that person because for 6-12 hours of the most important day of your life, they are going to be standing beside you like a best man or maid of honor--you need to know that you can count of them and that they want the best for you. You're trusting their eyes to tell the story of a day where their work is all you will have to remember it.

4. Who is your ideal wedding client?
My ideal wedding client is high energy, excited and loves fashion and has a editorial eye. They are adventurous and open to trying new things and LOVE to have fun.

Thanks so much to LHP for being our very first Featured Vendor! Don't forget to hop over to the website & blog where you can see lots more of their amazing work! Here is a small sampling for you to enjoy: