Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Featured Flower: Tulips

This post is lovingly dedicated to my BFF Julianne! :)

As we anticipate the arrival of spring, it seems appropriate to feature the quintessential spring flower: the tulip. Available in just about every color and many fun varieties, you can always find a tulip to fit your mood, decor, or event. Feeling romantic? Try a Peony Tulip. Mysterious? The black parrot tulip is for you. Kinda Crazy? A fringed tulip might be more your speed. Want to bring in some of the freshness of spring? Nothing better than a green parrot tulip. Keep in mind that tulips are phototropic...even after they have been cut, they will continue to grow toward the light. Sometimes they will grow an inch or more in the vase! Just as well, though- it will remind you to re-cut their stems & change the water!

A few photos of some of my favorite varieties:

Green Parrot Tulips

Peony Tulips (yes, that's a tulip!)

Fringed Tulips

Black Parrot Tulips

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