Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Windy Hill Peony Farm

I am so excited about my local peony farm! Peonies are later than usual this year because of the weather we've had. That meant that for a couple of my peony weddings, I had to buy them from my floral wholesaler instead. The peonies there cost twice as much, and they are about half as good. Peg from Windy Hill Peony Farm is so helpful and accommodating of my large orders! If you live in this area, make sure you get out there before the peonies are all gone. It's in Enumclaw on 236th in the Wabash area. It's a u-cut farm, and Peg sells bunches of 10 for 8.50 which is a steal! Right now, I have a HUGE vase on my coffee table filled with her peonies. They are amazingly gorgeous. I bought them last Wednesday, and they are still happy! (I strongly urge the use of a floral preservative in cut flowers-- it really does extend their vase life!)

Here are a few pictures-- one of the arrangement and two of a particularly huge peony... I mean, I know my hands are small, but that's still one stinkin' huge flower!

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