Friday, October 14, 2011

Real Wedding: Amy & Kevin

I remember meeting Amy and her sister for the first time at Starbucks, sipping lattes and getting excited about the ideas she was sharing with me & the look she wanted to create.  Amy and Kevin are such a vibrant couple... their wedding suited them perfectly! Such an honor to be a part of their special day!  

I asked Amy a few questions about their wedding & her experience working with Paisley Petals.  Enjoy! (all photos courtesy of FS Photography)

Bride and Groom: Kevin & Amy Ullrich

Wedding Date: 5/7/11

Venue & Catering - Court in the Square
Photophrapher - FS Photography, Portland
DJ - Marvin Stewart, Lakeside Entertainment
Officiant - Annemarie Juhlian

Describe the look & feel you were hoping to create for your wedding: We wanted a bright and fun spring wedding, but we still wanted it to have a romantic look and feel.  It's amazing how flowers can transform a table and a room - Paula did an amazing job of bringing in the bright, beautiful colors I wanted while maintaining a soft and romantic look. 

Favorite Wedding Detail(s): I have a couple, but one of my favorites has to be the personalized favors my father-in-law made.  He made a personalized name keychain for each guest; these doubled as placecards and favors.  I loved the fact that we were able to give a personalized favor without spending any money (aside from the cost of making tags wich was minimal).  We made sure to include a note on the tag letting everyone know they were made by Kevin's father. 

And... I have to mention the flowers!  When I first walked into my hotel room and saw the bouquets, I made my sister call Paula to tell her that they were more beautiful than I could have imagined.  They had that perfect balance between bold/colorful and romantic.  The bridemaid bouquets popped perfectly with their black dresses and my bouquet couldn't have been more perfect if I picked it out of a magazine. 

Favorite moment(s) of your wedding day:  Oh there are so many - it was so much fun!  First favorite moment: When I arrived in our room to get dressed prior to photos, I got to see my ring for the first time.  Kevin had originally proposed wiith a solataire and we picked out the setting later.  He was insistant that once that diamond was in the new setting I wouldn't get to see it until our wedding day because he wanted me to have something new - I was not thrilled about this at the time, but it was such a wonderful feeling to see my new ring on my finger for the first time on our wedding day.  Second favorite moment: I couldn't believe how beautiful the ceremony space looked when I walked in for the first time prior to the wedding.  The ceremony flower arrangments Paula made were so bright and beautiful, the many many rose petals we used for the aisle added so much to the look and feel, and the bright pink candles we lined the fountain with were perfect.  It was so amazing to see all the little decisions you make come together to create a beautiful day.  I could keep going with so many more favorite moments, but those are my top two.  

Your best advice for engaged couples?:TRUST IN PAULA!!   I was probably one of the most indecisive brides Paula has ever worked with; centerpiece and ceremony flowers were by far two of the toughest decisions for me. So, my advice - don't let this stress you out!  You hire a professional florist for a reason and Paula will deliver.  This can obviously be applied across the board - try not to stress about the little decisions, it get's overwhelming.  And that month before the wedding when things are so chaotic and you are wondering why you decided to do this "big wedding" thing - trust that it will all be worth it and it will all come together on the day of!

What are you up to now?: We are just plain enjoying married life post wedding planning!  We love coming home from work every night and being able to just watch TV or a movie when we want - and Kevin loves that I am not always on the laptop :)  We also just got our wedding album a couple weeks ago; it's so fun to relive the wedding through photos and albums. 

Care to share your thoughts on working with Paisley Petals?:  I think you know how I feel based on my comments above, but I highly recommend Paula.  She is easy to work with, professional, responsive (yes, responsive - this is not something you will get with all your wedding vendors!) and just plain good at what she does. 

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