Sunday, April 25, 2010

Carnation Urn

Photo by Heather Boren

Photo by Luke Rutan

Want the lush look of ruffled peonies but it's not peony season? Try carnations! This is the one and only way I like carnations-- en masse. They take on a whole new aesthetic when presented this way. I did this centerpiece for the young life event, and also for a wedding 2 Septembers ago. The bride really wanted peonies, but they were just too far out of season locally to be affordable (read: I could have had them flown in from New Zeland, but that would have put her waaaay over budget!) so I went out on a limb and suggested carnations. She was thrilled with the result! (see second photo)Many people turn their noses up at carnations (trust me, I understand!) but they really do look lovely when they are used by themselves in a large arrangement or pomander.

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