Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fresh Flower Rings!

My little flower rings have been a big hit lately! I made a couple for Heather Boren's girls for the Father/Daughter dance in February. Heather is a super-talented photographer, so she snapped a couple of shots for me (check her out at http://heatherborenphotography.blogspot.com/). I'm so happy to finally have some professional quality shots of my flower rings-- the others I have are blurry and just don't do them justice!

These rings are great for bridesmaids to wear at the reception-- they still get to feel special without having to carry their bouquet around all night! They are also fabulous for prom, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, girl's night out, etc. Rings range from $15-$25. Once you have your ring, I can re-do the flower for $5- $10 for future events.


T & D said...

I LOVE these, Paula! So cute and fresh and imaginative!

Dee said...

Oh so clever!

toni said...

PLEASE PLEASE tell me you can ship a fresh flower ring & that i could have it in Nashville by Friday the 23rd??? : )

......i sent you an email...I hope to hear from you soon



Doug said...

I would love to have one of these beautiful rings made for my sons girlfriend for Homecoming...its a little short notice but I would be willing to pay for the extra shipping. I will need it by Saturday 15 September. Can you give me a call if you can or can't help or maybe help me make one kinda similar? 2566903844. My name is Angela and I'm in Alabama.